Academy of Realist Art

  Visit the working example (somewhat modified from original) Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS Responsibilities: Development, Design Description:A full site for informing potential students about ongoings in the school. The back end kept track of students and their personal info, including payments and such. Client: Academy of Realist Art

Tevrow Chase

Technologies: Flash AS2, XML Responsibilities: Development, Design, Maintenance Description: A fashion site that was updated quarterly with new lines, and locations of items for sale. Company: devtopia Client: Tevrow Chase

Fogh Marine

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, javascript Responsibilities: Development, Design, Maintenance Description: A full site with a backend maintenance area to upkeep the catalogue Company: devtopia Client: Fogh Marine

Dish Network

Technologies: Flash AS3 Responsibilities: Development, Design Description: The goal was to create a fully immersive online TV experience. Mainly written in Flash AS3 with the backend done by another party, there were many challenges in implementing the design with the components being used in Flash. Company: devtopia Client: Dish Network

Covet Originals

Visit the working example Technologies: Flash, PHP, HTML, CSS, Wordpres Responsibilities: Development, Design, Maintenance Description: A site displaying examples of custom made jewelry. Uses minimal flash and a highly modified wordpress implementation. Client: Covet Originals


Visit the working site Technologies: HTML, CSS Responsibilities: Front End Development, Design Description: Website for members of the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada. Company: devtopia Client: AFCI