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81% of Canadians agree – holiday shopping is stressful. So, leave it to the last-minute and experience the joy of procrastination with The Skittles Last Minute Gift Shop – a magical place where you get a gift just for showing up. At the very last minute.

Come back at 11:59pm on Christmas Eve and get a gift for that special someone you forgot about until the last minute.


Congratulations! You’ve procrastinated until the actual last minute on Christmas Eve. Enjoy your last-minute gift from Skittles.

You’ve procrastinated too long this year. But you can always start procrastinating for next year. Happy Procrastinating!


There’s one gift for every second of the last minute. That’s 60 gifts. Come on down.

Christmas Eve at 11:59pm ET 423 Queen Street West, Unit 112
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As part of The Last Minute Gift Shop opening, Skittles is proud to donate $10,000 to
Ronald McDonald Charities Canada